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The Basics:

Karole lives outside of Philadephia, PA with her loving husband, eternally exuberant little girl, and perpetually pleasant little boy.  Hobbies include running, nursing a persistent Starbucks addition, eating way too much candy, emptying her wallet at Target, spending time with her family, decorating her home, co-leading her daughter's Daisy troop, and completing any other crafty project she can think of.  Karole has degrees in School Psychology, women's studies, and biology but has never taken a formal creative writing course, although she'd really like to one day.  She's still a School Psychologist by day, romance novelist by night.


Fast and fun facts about karole:

  1. "Cozzo" is a pseudonym, one that pays tribute to Karole's patriarchal surname.
  2. Karole is a left-handed Scorpio, who admittedly possesses qualities of a left-handed Scorpio, good and bad.
  3. One time Karole got proposed to by someone dressed up as Peter Pan. She said yes. She's been married to Peter Pan for coming up on seven years.
  4. Karole's favorite contemporary literary couple is Amy and Poe.  Snark and swoon!
  5. Karole's father is still her hero.
  6. She considers the steady disappearance of book stores a national tragedy.
  7. As a full-time working mom with two small kids, Karole's life philosophy is as follows -->